Why use a Search Agent – A clients tale

Why would you spend money on using someone to find you a home when the internet makes it easy to search for properties from the comfort of your desk?  In France, Germany and the U.S. it is the norm to use a property finder, with more than half of all purchases being arranged through a search agent, so what do our European neighbours and those across the ‘pond’ know that we in England do not?

The answer is that search agents will save you time and money.  We have found that the really great homes often don’t even get onto property websites, they are sold almost before the details have been drawn up, so sitting on your computer will show you the houses that require more effort to sell.  We hear about the houses earlier and get into view them earlier, putting you in first place a far as making offers goes.  We will view hundereds of houses noting potential problems, recording journey times, researching the location, checking out the schools, anything you need to make an informed descision quickly, therefore securing the perfect house.  We will research compariable house prices and guide you through making an offer, or do it for you if you prefer!  We will save you money and our input helps keep the whole process on track so that completion happens with as little stress as possible.

Our most recent clients wrote this about us…

As a British ex-pat couple, hoping to return from the Middle East to the UK in the next 18 months to 2 years, we had started to use the web to look for a property to return to and found your service more by accident than design! What a fortunate find!

First contact was made by email just 10 days before our planned a brief 2 week trip to the UK to attend a wedding. In that time we had hoped to spend whatever time we could taking a look at estate agents’ details and perhaps a viewing or two in some likely areas.

From the moment of our first contact by email, Katie and Diggy pulled out all the stops on our behalf. First to find out about us, our likes and dislikes, and second our areas of preference. Our first meeting took place 5 days after we arrived in the UK – a bit of a litmus test, but very, very useful. The first details were received by us in an email just hours after that first meeting. Wow!

Katie and Diggy had covered so many local agents, sifted through a mountain of potential property types, and the pile of agents’ details rejects, based on our early discussions was impressive – although a bit worrying if you are a staunch supporter of trees!!

Within the next 7 days – which included a bank holiday weekend when the world and his wife came to a halt in the UK, we had viewed around 10 carefully selected properties on 3 separate dates, getting closer and closer to our preferences. Katie and Diggy are so very good at asking the right questions; making you really focus on the important factors when seeking that perfect property.

Their obvious energy, enthusiasm and commitment to finding just the right property for us seemed boundless.

Quite by chance, my wife and I ‘stumbled’ across a property in an area which we had not yet had time to cover with Katie and Diggy, knocked on the door to make an appointment to visit as we had just 2 days left in the UK, and the vendors invited us in. It was just what we had been looking for.

None-the-less, when told about it, there was no question of their giving up the quest on our behalf. We arranged a joint visit through the agent, which subsequently led to an impromptu strategy meeting in the rear of our car. We invited Katie to enter into negotiations with the vendor on our behalf (more objective and market savvy than us, you see).

With 1 day left in the UK before we had to return to the Middle East, the first offer was put in by Katie the following morning, and as expected, rejected. As agreed a slightly improved offer was made within an hour or so, and the offer accepted!!

In the space of 8 days working with Katie and Diggy, we had not only covered an enormous amount of ground, but only spent time actually viewing properties that were close to our preferences –

these being refined all the time. As a result of their work, we found the right property, made an offer and agreed the purchase at significantly less than the asking price, all in the space of 36 hours!!

We cannot recommend Hatchards Home Finders highly enough. Not only are Katie and Diggy personable, bright and wonderful ladies to work with, but their customer service as a far as we are concerned, is just exemplary. We truly hope their business goes from strength to strength – they really deserve it.

Ian and Caroline Bowen


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