Viewing Horrors – what can go wrong!

As the property market hots up for the spring some of you will be spending precious time viewing houses but sometimes the viewings go horribly wrong, as these stories attest …

  • A couple visited a property with an estate agent who conducted the entire viewing on autopilot. “He told us all the normal spiel about heating and wiring etc, then said there was potential for developing or extending the property with a conservatory or adding a loft conversion,” the prospective buyer said. “The wife and I looked at each other, feeling very confused. We were on the third floor of a five-storey block.” Source:
  • Not one but three different agents in Essex showed luxury homes to a thief who stole expensive jewellery during the viewings in August. The bogus buyer, who called himself Oleg, managed to convince the agents he was a representative of a wealthy Russian and needed time alone in the property to speak privately to his client on his mobile phone. Source: Estate Agent Today
  • A lettings agent in Holland Park arrived at a property with a prospective tenant to find the front door hanging on its hinges. Inside, the flat was a shambles, but the agent continued with the viewing and merely pulled the door shut when he left. It wasn’t until the owner returned home that evening that she discovered she had been burgled. Source:

Not a regular occurrence but it does go to show that paying someone like us to do the leg work may save you from these horrors!

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