The value of a Hampshire Search Agent 2015

Firstly Happy New Year to you all from Hatchards Homefinders, the Hampshire Search Agent.

2015 already looks like it’s going to be a hectic one in the property world. There is certainly a ‘buzz’ around the area with agents out valuing properties and vendors feeling they need to get their houses on the market sooner rather than later.  There are lots of buyers out there, many in rented accommodation, who are just waiting for the ‘right’ house and competition is still fierce.

The end of last year saw the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty reforms, which are now filtering through and having an effect on the market in Hampshire. Whilst the media coverage highlighted the benefits of these changes to anyone looking for a property under £900,000, it glossed over the impact it has on properties between £1-2million mark which will generate an extra stamp duty of up to £53,680. Obviously this level of price increase in buying a property has to be negotiated down at price level, which is where a good search agent comes in.  For those looking to buy in the £500-£900,000 bracket there have already been some noticeable differences in offer prices – when did we last see buyers offering £505,000 for a house?  Clearly the ‘game’ has changed and we are here to guide you through.

The general election looming makes some a bit jittery. At present the result seems to close to call, but with a Labour government bringing in Mansion Taxes, this will further impact any properties over the £2million mark, the majority of which are in London, and will have a trickle down effect on the Hampshire market.  However London ‘cooling’ at the end of last year has already added an air of caution with some hopes of more realistic prices in Hampshire. At the end of the day, people still need to move house for many reasons – relocation for work, schools, pace of life etc to name but a few, meaning houses will be bought and sold and ‘good’ houses will still command good prices and get buyers clambering to be the first to view and offer.  Having a search agent working with you to find your house is no longer a luxury; it really is becoming more and more of a necessity as there are still too few good properties for the number of people looking.

At Hatchards, we make sure that we get you into the best possible position when looking to buy. We will view houses before they come to market and advise you when necessary to drop everything else and come and view with us! If the house is right, we will help you decide on the offer price and put together a picture of you as the buyer that puts you at the front of the pack if more than one offer is on the table.

2014 was our most successful year to date and we are able to offer competitively low fees to all clients for the next year. In fact we will do our best to match any rate offered by any competitor. We love what we do and know we are good at it. So why not call us to talk through what you are looking for and to see if you agree that we really are invaluable value for money in 2015?


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