Moving tips from Winchester Property Buying Agents

Property Buying Agents are sometimes thought of as only being involved in the search and purchase of a new home but we feel our role is much more about the whole package.  When we are approached by potential clients we are often asked about how they should go about starting their plans for a move to Hampshire. So here goes with a few of our tips for getting your house ready to sell for your escape to the country.

  • Think back to when you bought your house, were there any ‘issues’ that put you off or encouraged you to choose the property? First impressions do count as it is often said, a buyer will make their decision within 10 seconds of arriving! Try to stand back from your house and look at it through someone else’s eyes. Does it appeal? What do you notice?
  • Your survey – was there anything on the survey you had at point of purchase that you have still not addressed? What will show up on your buyer’s survey? Anything that you can sort out would be worth doing now, gutters that were leaking and creating damp….roof tiles missing…. etc etc. Dig out your old survey and have a re-read.
  • Take time to choose your Estate Agent – Have a look at ‘For Sale’ signs near your home, this will tell you a bit about which agents are doing well in the area.  Arrange for at least three valuations and please don’t be swayed by the agent that comes up with the highest valuation. Ask the agents what they will do for their fee. This can vary hugely.  Some agents may say they can sell your house within days, if so give them a chance to do this.  You can incentivise some agents by agreeing a higher fee for a limited period and reducing their fee  in relation to the length of time they take to get an acceptable offer.
  • De-clutter, I know from looking at hundreds of properties that it easy to be distracted by someone’s personal effects. Buyers will look in cupboards when establishing storage capacity so check you don’t have a space so jammed that they are faced with objects tumbling out when they open the door! It sounds obvious but make sure you have a clear way through your house, and if necessary store some furniture and personal items such as photos, away to create space.
  • Conveyancing – Do you have a solicitor who you can talk to? They will be vital in your sale and purchase and it is really important to have a good relationship with them. Talk to friends who have moved recently, can they recommend someone they have used? At the point of accepting an offer you will be required to give your solicitors name so worth researching before. The buying process can get very stressful towards exchange and it’s important to have a solicitor who you can get hold of!
  • Finances – Assuming you will need a mortgage, it is worth speaking to speak to an independent financial advisor about what you can afford to borrow.  Arrange for other monies to be easily accessible so you are in a good position to move quickly.

Property Buying Agents can offer so much more than just a search, we have lots of other tips that have helped numerous clients get an offer within a few days of going on the market. Call us for more information, we are very happy to give free and impartial advice to anyone planning the move.

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