New Year, New Fee Structure at Hatchards Homefinders

As we begin 2019, we at Hatchards Homefinders have decided to reflect on the fees that we charge our clients. As a result, we have come up with a new fee structure that will appeal to new clients looking for a buying agent who will give them a fair deal.

2018 has been a mixed year at Hatchards Homefinders. We will start the year with two successful completions and two very happy clients who will get the keys to their new Hampshire properties in February. But we have learnt from both sales.

One client had a large budget but after a long and extensive search ended up buying a project, like many of our clients end up doing, at a lower price; whilst the second was a first time buyer looking to start their climb up the property ladder. Two very different budgets, but in theory they could have both taken the same amount of our time to find the perfect home.

We have therefore come up with a sliding scale on fees. As a guide, we will charge a success fee of 1.5% for properties of under £750,000, 1.25% for properties £750,000 to £1,250,000 and 1% for properties over this price.

However, we are aware that the percentage fee charge could potentially offer unscrupulous search agents the chance to push you to focus your search at the very top end of a budget. In years gone by, they might justify this by helping you to negotiate a better price but in today’s tricky market, significant negotiating is not always possible.

Therefore at Hatchards, to put your mind at rest, we have also decided to offer the alternative of a fixed rate fee; mutually agreed at contract stage and based roughly on the above guidelines. This gives both search agent and home-seeker total clarity and agreement on the charges for our services, in advance. It gives you the power to decide how you want to play it.

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