Hatchards Homefinders supports The Sausage Tree Charity

The Sausage Tree

Hatchards Homefinders supports The Sausage Tree, a charity founded by a good friend of ours, Lu Chignell, to give an education to children in Zambia. It is very easy for us, when looking around beautiful houses in rolling Hampshire countryside, to forget that for many a simple education is not a right but a luxury. This is why, for every deal that we complete, we make a donation to the Sausage Tree charity.


Lu originally thought of the Sausage Tree idea when visiting a local Zambian School in 2000. The Luangwa Valley is a remote area in the unspoilt wilderness of Zambia. The main draw is South Luangwa National park, a haven for wildlife. The area’s safari lodges provide employment for some of the valley’s inhabitants. However, infrastructure is poor, industry is non-existent, and many people live in poverty. Being a remote area, access is limited and the government is restricted in how much it can help the local schools. These schools struggle to deliver the most basic education with extremely limited resources. Beyond the children’s immediate need for food, clothes and medicines, Sausage Tree believes that education, practical training and awareness of the importance of their environment is essential for them to lead a sustainable life.

To date Sausage Tree Charity has raised £202,100 for the three schools they support. The projects that they have undertaken includes helping to renovate and resource 3 schools, paying teachers salaries, initiating tree planting schemes and educating orphaned and vulnerable children through primary and secondary school and college.

The charity is run on a purely voluntarily basis, with no salaries or office costs. This is because Lu and her team want the money raised to get directly to the children and schools in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. They also travel personally to Zambia regularly to see how the money is being spent and make sure that the money raised goes where it is supposed to.

Please visit The Sausage Tree Charity site (http://www.sausagetree.co.uk) to see all the good work that is being done. If you would like to donate and make a difference, click here (http://www.sausagetree.co.uk/donate/).

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