Don’t panic – the Golden Rule of a Hampshire Search Agent

If there was one piece of advice that we like to offer our clients in the present climate, in our roles as a Hampshire search agent, it is “don’t panic”. This is not always the easiest thing to do if you believe reports in the media but, when buying a home, it is essential that you focus on the long term view and look for a solid investment. Try to ignore the attention-grabbing headlines.


Right now, we are constantly bombarded with facts and figures that illustrate the housing market is on the upturn and prices are rising. The Halifax has reported that house prices have risen for the ninth consecutive month, with prices in September rising by 0.5%, October by 0.7% and a price rise across the third quarter of 1.6% in total. They also report that the average property is now on the market for just over eight weeks. CBRE, a leading commercial property consultant, suggests that national house prices will rise by 17% in the next five years, and Savills have joined them in predicting that growth in the south of England will outstrip even that in London.


These headline grabbers are without doubt good news for the housing market and are obviously designed to create both greater demand for properties and to make us feel there is no better time to sell. However, whilst you cannot deny the figures are good news, it is also worth remembering that they are a good marketing tool for the housing industry and should be put into context.


With most of our clients looking at properties at the £1million plus mark, stamp duty alone accounts for between four and seven percent of the cost of your property. If you take into account conveyancing, solicitor’s fees and removal fees, then the act of moving house becomes an expensive outlay on which  you will see no return. Settling on a property because you feel that you don’t want to get left behind could be a seriously costly mistake.


And that is where we, as Hampshire search agents, earn our money. Our role is to look at all internal and external factors and take them on board whilst concentrating on finding you the perfect home. On average we can find you the right property in 12-14 weeks. But if it takes longer, it is usually worth the wait.

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